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John C. Robison

Founder & Managing Partner

Mr. Robison has over (40) forty years’ experience within the Construction Industry and began his career in the areas of Insurance, Insurance Restoration, Building Consulting and Alternative Dispute Resolution in 1997.

In 2005, Mr. Robison Founded The CSI Group, and has specialized in providing impartial, third party, support and dispute resolution to the Insurance and Construction Industries, as well as Individual Property Owners.


Mr. Robison is considered a Subject Matter Expert on Appraisal and is the Founder and Head Educator of the Appraiser & Umpire Certification Programs provided by The Property Loss Appraisal Network P.L.A.N., and to which over 800 industry professionals have been certified through this program since 2017.


Mr. Robison has also provided, and served, by both mutual acceptance and Court Appointments, as Appraiser, Umpire and Arbitrator on numerous large commercial and residential claims. Mr. Robison is also Registered with The Georgia Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution as a Civil Mediator and Arbitrator. John has extensive experience resolving disputes via Arbitration clauses where the laws of non-domiciled states are applied, and has always completed these services with a positive, expeditious and amicable resolve.

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Through his vast and well-versed resources of knowledge, experiences and expertise within the Disaster Restoration, Construction, and Insurance Industries; Mr. Robison has provided extensive commercial and residential sales, estimating, project management, and labor support on numerous multi-million-dollar projects. Mr. Robison has extensive experience with Xactimate estimating software and providing accurate cost estimations and damage evaluation reports for large commercial, industrial, multifamily losses as well as small residential claims.  


With his personal demand for honesty and integrity, and his expectation of the same by others, combined with Mr. Robison’s driving force to provide exceptional services, John has earned a strong respect within the Industry as well as within his specialized field of services.


John holds numerous certifications and court recognitions and has performed numerous Appraisals and Umpire services. Throughout his career, Mr. Robison has been involved as both Appraiser, Umpire and as an Expert in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Process of numerous Insurance Claims Disputes involving both Property Losses, High End Contents & Personal Property Damages, Business Personal Property Damages, Loss of Use & Additional Living Expense Losses, Business Interruption, Co-Insurance Penalties, Depreciation and Diminution of Value Calculations ranging from $2,500.00 to in excess of $75,000,000.00.

Updated September, 2023

Cathy D. Robison

Managing Partner

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